New Construction Loan, Upstate New York

Start your building project with the right financing.

A new construction loan is a type of loan designed to finance the construction of a new commercial or residential building. Typically, new construction loans are short-term financing solutions that provide funds to cover the cost associated with constructing a property from beginning to end. Once the project is completed and construction comes to an end, the loan is usually replaced with long-term financing or a permanent mortgage.

New Construction Loan in Upstate New York

If you acquire a new construction loan, you can withdraw funds as needed to pay for any construction-related expenses. This ends once construction is over, and the funding is then converted with a more permanent financing solution. During the first phase, you usually make interest-only payments, and principal payments are deferred until the loan is converted into permanent financing or paid off.

You will usually need decent credit, a solid financial history, and the ability to show that you can complete the construction project when applying for a new construction loan. We may also consider the experience and qualifications of the builder or contractor when you apply for this type of financing.

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