BPO Loan, Upstate New York

Start your next project with a BPO loan.

When a real estate professional estimates the value of a property, this is known as the Broker Price Opinion (BPO). When putting together a listing agreement, the BPO is used to market and sell the property. When a lender or a mortgage company wants to assess a property’s value, they can put in a request for the BPO.

BPO Loan in Upstate New York

At Upstate Bank, we provide many real estate lending solutions, and BPO loans are one of them. One of the main benefits of acquiring a BPO loan is that you do not need to have the property you are purchasing appraised. Instead of appraising the property, we will go off of the BPO when determining how much to lend you and with what terms.

Another advantage of a BPO loan is the flexibility. We offer BPO loans to real estate investors and developers who need capital quickly. Turn to us for a BPO loan, and we will provide the capital you need with competitive terms as quickly as possible.

We have helped many in the real estate business acquire the funding they need for their next project in Upstate New York, and you can be next. Our lending team is responsive, professional, and committed to helping you find the best possible lending product to align with your goals.

If you’re interested in a BPO loan, your next step is to contact us directly. We will tell you more about what to expect with a BPO loan and help you get started with the lending process.