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Work with an alternative lender to fund your next venture.

There are hundreds of traditional banks and lending institutions in Rochester, New York. And while many of these lenders offer competitive loan options and access to capital, working with one of these institutions may not be the right fit for your upcoming venture.

Alternative Lending Partners in Rochester, New York

If you are looking for alternative sources of capital or a faster lending process, turn to us at Upstate Bank. Our alternative lending partners have your best interests in mind. Here are just a few reasons to work with our alternative lending partners:

  • In many cases, we have more lenient eligibility criteria compared with traditional banks. This makes it easier for investors or individuals with less-than-perfect credit or unique circumstances to obtain financing.
  • We offer quicker loan approval and funding processes than traditional banks. We use innovative lending practices that allow us to provide same-day approvals in many cases.
  • We can provide more flexible loan terms, repayment options, and customization to meet your specific lending needs. This can be valuable if your venture has fluctuating cashflow or seasonal revenue patterns.

Work with our alternative lending partners, and we will make sure your loan funds quickly, so that you can ensure the profitability of your next venture. We are professional, responsive, and committed to making sure your loan funds quickly and you have access to capital when you need it. To apply for a loan, learn more about our lending products, or get more information, reach out to us today.

Alternative Lending Partners in Upstate New York