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Our Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at Upstate National Bank, Lyndon Matteson, would love to speak with you about our unique approach to alternative loans, which give you access to capital you otherwise couldn’t reach.

Upstate Bank is an approved correspondent with numerous alternative lending providers that offer several niche products that we feel can fit and help your investment portfolio today and beyond.

“Non-bank lenders remain a good source of capital at this point. The approval rates of institutional investors increased from 27.1% in June to 27.3% last month, while alternative lenders improved from 29.1% in June to 29.3% in July. The figures for these lenders have increased for nine consecutive months as borrowers have turned to them for money while bank lending remains tight. Alternative lenders are seeing more capital moved in their direction as investors, such as insurance companies, look for opportunities for better yields against the backdrop of a new rate environment. Thus, these alternative providers have capital available to fund investor real estate for financing.”

– Forbes, September 2023


Rental Portfolio Loans up to $50,000,000

Short-Term Bridge Lines of Credit up to $25,000,000
DSCR Loans up to $2,000,000
Single Asset Bridge up to $5,000,000
Ground-up construction up to $50,000,000 (Build to Rent)
Multifamily Bridge up to $15,000,000
Multifamily Term up to $100,000,000
Fix and Flip Line of credit at 7x liquid assets

These programs are in addition to our Upstate Bank offerings and agency offerings. In most programs, they are non-recourse, and no tax returns are required.

If you have an upcoming project or need cash out of your existing holdings, please call or text me at 585-738-5658 or fill out the contact form below, and I will follow up to schedule a discussion at your convenience.

Best Regards,
Lyndon Matteson, Executive Vice President
Chief Strategy Officer

Lyndon Matteson


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